About us

Marcq has been founded in 2008 by Marco ten Oever. Marco has been working as a senior manager and consultant for over 20 years, building experience in both the public as the private sector.

In these years he came to the conclusion that in the end the agents make the difference, but that we have not been doing the right things to allow them to excel. After a long period of, almost in a Henry Ford way, trying to turn Contact Center activities into small easy tasks, a change of paradigm seems to be taking place. The drive to improve customer experience and customer loyalty seems to get more in balance with the constant urge to improve efficiency. In this the agent is no longer seen as just a part of the chain, but more as an individual who can actually make the difference.

Alongside this change, important markets such as Banking, Insurance, Energy and Telecom are facing more and more competition and where competing on just price is not valuable to anyone. Consumer are aware of this and are getting more and more demanding. Creating a Moment of Truth in each customer contact is no longer a dream, it has to become reality to stay successful as a business.

Nevertheless we still have to deal with the remains of the period where reducing costs of customer contact was the holy grail, where the lasting economic crisis keeps a lot of companies from investing in this cultural change. Turning each contact into a Moment of Truth does not only need a cultural change within the agents, it mostly needs a change of mindset and behaviour of the managers.

Marcq aims to help companies go through this change, as we are sure that within this change lies the real success for each (customer care) organisation in improving customer experience, reducing churn, improving the efficiency and creating more sales power.

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